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The Only 3 Carpet Cleaning Choices You Should Make For Your North Huntington PA Home

March 25th, 2016 · No Comments

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You’re enjoying a peaceful day in your North Huntington home; until you or someone else in the home spills something.

You sigh in disappointment at yet another unexpected spill and rush to clean it up.

If you reach the stain in time you may have a shot at undoing most of the damage, but every single second allows the stain to seep deeper into your carpet. You do what you can, but sometimes the stain is just too tough to remove completely.

Maybe it would be okay if it happened once, but of course, it happens multiple times. What was at one time a beautiful, pristine, stain free carpet has gradually turned dingy, stain riddled, and in some cases hard to look at.

At this point, you only have three carpet cleaning options.


Carpet Cleaning Option #1

Do nothing. You will just have to look at your stain ridden carpet forever. You decide “it is what it is.” This is an option, but definitely not recommended.


Carpet Cleaning Option #2

You try to fix it yourself. You buy some “carpet freshener,” and drizzle it across your carpet. You let it soak in and then vacuum. You think vacuuming would be sufficient, but in reality, your vacuum didn’t pick up even half of the dirt and grime that resides in your carpet. And now you add some carpet fresher to keep your dust and dirt company.

You haul over to the store to try and rent one of those carpet cleaning machines. You lug the thing home, spend as much time trying to figure out how to use it as you do actually using it, and if you’re lucky you remove most of the stains.

But even then, there are some stains that won’t come out. If you didn’t add the cleaning solution properly you also might leave some residue that will remain in your carpet for ages.


Carpet Cleaning Option #3

You hire a professional to get the job done right. This is the smart choice. It can save you the time and headache of trying to do it yourself. Imagine walking around your North Huntington home and seeing your carpets look like new again. Imagine the fresh scent. Feel the feeling a truly clean home can provide. Feel the peace it will bring you.

After reviewing all of the options, it’s clear which one is the best choice. Contact ServiceMaster by Stiffey today at 724-834-8889 to schedule an appointment.


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