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Professional Residential Floor Cleaning Can Transform Your Home

November 10th, 2019 · No Comments

Cleaning high-traffic floors can be a chore. And trying to scrub out dirt and grime by hand or with store-bought equipment can be tiring and tedious.

Professional residential floor cleaning in the Uniontown, PA, area remains the best option for homeowners interested in comprehensive cleaning that gives dirty floors a new shine.

Commercial floor cleaning has come a long way from simple cloth mops. Today, the ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team tackles hard surface floor cleaning with automatic scrubbers and other powerful equipment that ensures a deep clean.

Here’s a few reasons why residential floor cleaning is best handled by cleaning experts equipped with powerful scrubbers and other technology.


  • Swift Drying Times: Mopping or scrubbing floors by hand can leave pools or streaks of water behind. Excess liquid can then take a long time to dry and pose a falling hazard. Professional floor scrubbers use water in an economical manner that drastically reduces drying times while still ensuring a quality clean.
  • Customized Results: Professional floor scrubbers and other cleaning equipment often come with a variety of settings that can be adapted based on the type of flooring. Some floors are more delicate than others, and certain chemicals or excess water can lead to damage that can be hard to mitigate. Professional cleaners understand how to use technology to craft custom cleaning plans that get the job done while preserving the integrity and luster of a floor.
  • Efficient Work: Commercial floor scrubbers and equipment that can be pushed by a technician lead to greater cleaning productivity, as opposed to manual cleaning. Workers who are able to clean without become fatigued can cover more ground during a cleaning session and get a job done faster—potentially saving you money. The faster your floors get clean, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your home once again and marvel at the beautiful flooring.


Floor cleaning can be a tricky business. There’s a lot of false promises out on the market, but not from us at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey.

Our crew of residential floor cleaning specialists ensures each and every job in the Uniontown, PA, area is done correctly, with no exceptions.

Our team is ready to tackle any project, from a quick home project to a comprehensive spring cleaning across an entire residence. We come prepared with the right equipment to remove any dirt, stain, dust, or grime from your floors until they shine like new once again.


Ready to make your floors look like new? Give us a call today at (724) 834-8889!

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Keep Your Business Tidy and Professional with a Comprehensive Deep Clean

November 5th, 2019 · No Comments

Image is everything in the business world. Visitors or potential clients who step into an office are not going to be impressed if the building is dirty, worn down, or a bit disheveled.


Office spaces and meeting rooms that are tastefully organized and clean make a good impression and will cause people to remember your company.


Figuring out how to clean to achieve the best appearance doesn’t have to be a mystery. The ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team offers a commercial deep clean service in the Pittsburgh, PA, area that focuses on tidying up so you can concentrate on the bottom line.


The type of deep cleaning is going to depend on the office. Professional crews come ready to craft a customized plan for each building they work in to ensure the best results. In general, a commercial deep clean incorporates the following elements:


  • Kitchen and Restroom Cleanup: Kitchens and restrooms can quickly become dirty due to their extensive use. Dirty kitchens can spread bacteria and pests. A dirty bathroom is very unsanitary and leaves a negative impression on visitors. Deep cleaning in these two areas focuses on sanitization to keep bugs and bacteria away.


  • Trash Pickup and Removal: Trash left around an office or in waste disposal areas can be a hotbed for bugs and rodents. Deep cleaning emphasizes the sanitary removal of all trash inside of a building to improve appearance and create a clean working environment.


  • Carpet and Floor Cleaning: Floors that receive a lot of foot traffic quickly become scuffed and dirty. Worn-down flooring looks visually unappealing and can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Floor cleaning by professional crews proves to be far more fruitful than do-it-yourself (DIY) methods because cleaning teams come prepared with professional equipment, products, and knowledge on how to effectively clean different types of surfaces.


  • Upholstery Cleaning and Dusting: Upholstery that looks dirty can give an office an unsanitary appearance and can also be home to pests. Deep cleaning services clean and sanitize upholstery so office furniture looks its best for employees and visitors. Dusting windows, shelves, and tables also goes a long way towards making a commercial property feel clean, refreshed, and welcoming.


Don’t struggle with a deep clean yourself. Let the professional team at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey take care of your commercial property through our commercial deep clean service in the Pittsburgh, PA, area.


We’re ready to work with you to come up with a cleaning plan that addresses what you need. We only use professional-grade equipment and eco-friendly products to ensure the cleaning process is effective and safe.


Contact us today at (724) 834-8889 to get started. We’re on-call 24/7 and ready to help!

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Here’s Some of the Many Health and Wellness Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

October 21st, 2019 · No Comments

Millions of home and business owners enjoy the beauty and functionality of carpeting in their rooms. Carpets serve as a great decorative accent and can be used to make a space cozier and safer for people prone to slipping. Homeowners who wish to maintain their carpets for the long term should consider professional carpet cleaning services in the Greensburg, PA, area.

There are a variety of benefits that carpet cleaning can provide, including:


  • Improved Health and Quality of Life: Carpets can be a hotbed of dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens inside of a home or business property. These types of particles can cause respiratory issues, trigger asthma, and lead to more serious breathing and sinus problems. Carpet cleaning removes these particles to improve health and quality of life.

    Vacuuming carpets does not eliminate a variety of contaminants. Pollutants that settle into carpets can only be removed through professional-grade carpet cleaning that can sanitize and help remove dust mites.

  • Improved Appearance of Carpet: A beautiful carpet adds to a room and can be an impressive statement piece for a home, office, or business. Professional carpet cleaning can quickly restore an old carpet to one that looks much newer and can give it a new sense of vibrancy.

    Removing stains has the added benefit of eliminating smells caused by odors in the carpet. Also, odor from pet urine is very difficult to remove from carpet fibers without the help of deep cleaning equipment in the hands of a professional cleaning crew.

  • Extended Life of Carpet: Carpets that are in the center of a lot of foot traffic, like those in hallways or living rooms, will deteriorate rapidly and look unsightly once certain areas are darker than others. Carpet cleaning helps restore “traffic lanes” and makes it easier to repair fibers and parts of a carpet that have been damaged and worn down. Cleaning high-traffic areas on carpets gives them a better chance of lasting longer, saving you or your company money in the long term.


Routine vacuuming is a useful tool in eliminating dirt and dust on the surface of carpets. However, professional carpet cleaning services in the Greensburg, PA, by the ServiceMaster Restore by Stiffey team can help extend the life of your carpets and give them a new sense of purpose.

When our team is dispatched to a carpet cleaning call, staff is careful to make an initial examination of carpets to identify dirty areas and stains.

Our team members then pre-treat areas and conduct a deep cleaning to eliminate dust, dirt, bacteria, and odors.

After a hot water rinse, the team carefully grooms the carpets so they look aesthetically pleasing as they dry. If you are looking for prompt and high-quality carpet cleaning, feel free to give our team a call at (724) 834-8889.


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Protect Your Valuable Items Amid Disaster Restoration with Pack Out/Content Storage

October 14th, 2019 · No Comments

When disaster strikes, all plans quickly go out the window. Large floods, a devastating fire, or even a broken pipe can cause significant amounts of damage to a building and lead to many headaches once the restoration process commences.


After a disaster, it’s important to mitigate the potential for further damage or loss of valuables by utilizing a professional pack out/content storage service in the Uniontown, PA area.


If not properly secured, personal possessions and valuables can be an attractive temptation for thieves or vandals. After a natural disaster, additional rain, winds, or other weather events can further damage a building and cause added destruction to any items that still remain inside.


Damages can quickly become expensive and cause additional stress, especially if the items are treasured family possessions or other valuable items.


Delicate items like electronics can quickly become damaged due to excess water, which can lead to large expenses. Treasured memories or important files can be lost if computer hard drives or flash drives become damaged by moisture or fire due to a disaster.


Pack out/content storage is the best option for those interested in keeping items safe throughout the restoration process.


The peace of mind that comes through knowing family heirlooms, collectibles, or other valuables are away from a property and safely secured is immeasurable, especially while working with insurance companies on securing compensation for damages.


ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey has the support and services you need during all points of the disaster recovery process. Upon arriving on scene after a call, our expert technicians quickly determine how to pack, remove, and store items in one of our secure warehouse facilities.


Each packed out item is categorized, labeled, and properly stored to ensure it returns to the original owner in the exact same condition it was before.


For items that suffered damage due to a disaster, our technicians can perform restorative procedures to recover as much of the original functionality and appearance as possible.


ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey only employs professional, well-trained team members who are experienced at carrying out pack out/content storage services in and around the Uniontown, PA area.


We’re on call 24/7/365 and ready to respond as soon as possible to help you embark on the disaster recovery process. Let us handle and store your valuable and treasured possessions while you focus on picking up the pieces after damage or property loss. Give us a call anytime at (724) 834-8889.

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Here’s Why School Cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA, Equates to a Healthy Learning Environment

October 7th, 2019 · No Comments

A healthy and clean school environment might seem hard to attain as hundreds of students pass through each day. Trash can be hard to handle, and the sheer size of many schools makes it hard for staff to handle school cleaning for the entire learning facility.


Let the experts at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey take care of your school cleaning needs in and around the Pittsburgh, PA, area. Professional janitorial services conducted by our experienced technicians quickly get a school looking spotless so students have a clean environment to learn in.


Clean schools offer a number of advantages. Picking up trash, vacuuming, sweeping, and sanitizing chairs and desks often results in better rates of attendance. Students and their parents feel more relaxed in an environment that’s clean and organized.


Trash, dirt, dust, or grime can be very distracting as students try to learn and interact with their teachers and peers. A clean school lets everyone focus on the work they need to do rather than trying to pick up garbage or fixing up a problematic area.


Schools that engage in a regular cleaning program often find that the costs of custodial services decrease. Keeping ahead of trash and dirt is a lot easier and cheaper than trying to fix and repair big issues that haven’t been addressed.


Our team members understand how to clean in an effective manner to stay ahead of any problematic areas to minimize long-term effects.


Additionally, our janitorial team only uses eco-friendly and green cleaning products. Harsh chemicals and other solutions can be hazardous in a learning environment. Eco-friendly products will not cause respiratory irritation, giving schools a sense of pride in being a good steward for the environment.


A culture of sustainability is also great for student satisfaction, achievement, and behavior.


At ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey, we understand how important school cleaning can be to cultivate a productive and safe learning environment for students and staff.


Our technicians are prepared to work in any school, regardless of its size, to provide comprehensive janitorial services to ensure restrooms, classrooms, hallways, and other areas are clean and tidy.


We stand ready to respond to calls in just a few hours. Upon arriving our team members create a janitorial plan to effectively clean a school in an efficient manner with the right equipment and eco-friendly green cleaning products.


Give ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey a call today at (724) 834-8889 for all of your school cleaning needs in and around the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

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Why the Experts Need to Take Care of Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning in Greensburg, PA

September 28th, 2019 · No Comments

Many people worry about carpet cleaning since fibers can be stubborn places from which to remove dust, dirt, liquids, and grime. Carpet damaged by flooding or burned due to a fire can be very difficult to clean and restore.

Consequently, homeowners and owners of commercial properties desire hard-surface floors, often made of tile or wood, to make the cleaning process easier.

Many would rather simply sweep up a hard floor than try and vacuum or steam clean carpet, especially after a big disaster that might have caused extensive damage to walls, windows, or even the foundation.

While the experts on ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team are adept at carrying out both carpet and hard-surface floor cleaning in Greensburg, PA, they’re known as some of the best in the area for hard-surface floor cleaning for a few reasons.

Cleaning hard surfaces can be trickier than it looks. Wood floors that are not sealed need to be treated carefully to prevent damage from cleaning products and from excess water. Also, using the wrong chemicals on a particular type of tile might not actually clean anything, especially if a hard floor has been damaged after a big disaster.

Instead of worrying about how to handle your tile, laminate, or hardwood floors—let us tackle the cleaning process and put your mind at ease. Our team members are experts at determining the finish on a hard-surface floor and then adjusting cleaning products and tactics appropriately.

We come prepared with both microfiber and steam mops to service a variety of floors. Our technicians also have experience in cleaning exotic or specialty floors, like bamboo or waxed hardwoods, that require professional service.

We have extensive knowledge about floor manufactures to ensure our cleaning process is in line with the instructions by those who installed the flooring inside a home or commercial property.

All cleaning products we use are safe and environmentally friendly because harsh solutions and cleaners can easily damage hard-surface floors and be toxic to pets that lay or eat on the floor.

The use of professional-grade products in hard-surface floor cleaning is especially important when it comes to treating laminate floors since many store-bought cleaners leave behind a residue that is sticky and difficult to remove.

Our team members have access to high-quality cleaning products that homeowners or commercial property managers aren’t not be able to find shopping in retail stores.

Team members carefully examine hard surfaces to understand what types of cleaning products and techniques would be most effective, and then they carry out the cleaning process. A typical service call consists of sweeping away dirt and dust before performing a deep clean and potentially treating flooring with acrylic or urethane if needed.

Reach out to ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey at (724) 834-8889 for high-quality and effective hard-surface floor cleaning in and around the Greensburg, PA, area.

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Why Odor Mitigation Through Upholstery Cleaning Is So Important in North Huntingdon, PA

September 16th, 2019 · No Comments

Routine vacuuming of your upholstered furnishings might give the impression that dirt, dust, and odors are under control. Since furniture is a hotbed for pollutants and irritants that lead to unwanted smells, professional odor mitigation in North Huntingdon, PA, performed by the ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team is the only way to truly keep upholstery clean, refreshed, and inviting.


There are a few reasons why eliminating odors through upholstery cleaning is vitally important for a healthy home or commercial atmosphere:


  • Air Quality: Odors from dirt, stains, and other types of filth embedded in the fabrics of your furniture can dramatically alter the air quality of a room, causing trouble for people with asthma or other respiratory ailments. Mold spores and bacteria can lead to other health complications. Pollutants can be stirred up once a person sits or moves around a piece of furniture. Targeted cleaning that removes odors improves air quality and eliminates harmful irritants from furniture.
  • Improves the Life of Furniture: Eliminating odors from furniture makes the piece more appealing to use, reducing the need for it to be thrown away or replaced. A deep cleaning of furniture that gets rid of stains, smears, and other pollutants is an investment because cleaning will extend the usage a person will be able to get out of a chair or couch. Also, dust and dirt can be highly abrasive, tearing and wearing away at upholstery fabrics. Removing these irritants makes furniture more durable, comfortable, and appealing.


It might be tempting for some homeowners to try and clean upholstery by themselves to remove odors. This is not recommended. Using the wrong cleaning materials and chemicals can lead to permanent damage to a piece of furniture, especially if it’s an antique.


Cleaning by hand that doesn’t remove all the moisture from an item can lead to additional staining, mold, or mildew down the road. As a result, upholstery cleaning for odor mitigation should only be conducted by a professional cleaning crew that has the right tools, solutions, and equipment to tackle a wide range of fabrics and furniture.


At ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey, our team of experienced upholstery professionals understands how to care for furniture in a way that eliminates odors and dirt while prolonging the life of the upholstered item.


Once we arrive on a call, we’ll carefully examine your furniture and create an action plan for cleaning. Spots are pretreated and the furniture is thoroughly and safely cleaned and dried with professional-grade equipment.


Give us a call today at (724) 834-8889 if you’re looking for effective odor mitigation through upholstery cleaning in the North Huntingdon, PA area. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Here’s How the Professionals Handle Cigarette Smoke Removal in McKeesport, PA

September 5th, 2019 · No Comments

The professionals at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey are the most experienced and well-equipped for tackling cigarette smoke removal in the McKeesport, PA, area.

Cigarette smoke is a sophisticated collection of thousands of compounds, some of which have been shown to cause cancer. Many others are harmful irritants that affect a person’s breathing.

Smoke inside of a home or residential property quickly spreads to every area and leaves a yellowish-brown residue that’s very difficult to remove. Paint, wallpaper, and blinds can quickly become discolored as carpets and other fabric begins to smell like smoke and tobacco.

Smoke is also able to be easily carried by a home or residential HVAC system to other rooms inside of a building, even if a smoker never set foot in the area.

The complexity and necessity for a comprehensive cleaning are two reasons why cigarette smoke removal should not be carried out without professional help. There are no over-the-counter commercial cleaning products that will eliminate the effects of cigarette smoke.

Smoke can only be removed from a building after a deep cleaning and sealing of any surfaces to prevent smoke odor from seeping back into furniture or other items.

The team at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey has a wide range of experience in house and residential deep-cleaning targeted toward removing residues from walls, floors, furniture and other surfaces.

Our cleaning process for cigarette smoke and all other residue includes a thorough examination of your property to come up with a cleaning plan.

Professional cleaning and deodorization solutions are applied to remove any of the aftereffects of cigarette smoke. Finally, our team works to ensure all surfaces are sanitized and treated to ensure odors stay away from any and all items you own.

We are careful to make sure cleaning reaches inside the inner joints of furniture and into all nooks and crannies to give customers complete satisfaction that their home or commercial property is clean and free from the effects of smoking.

Any removed personal property is carefully packed away, examined, and cleaned, and then packaged for safe return back to a customer’s hands. We try to restore any items to as close as possible to their original new condition.

If you are struggling to handle a house or commercial property filled with cigarette smoke odors, the deep cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey are ready to help. We’re here to clean residue off of a wide variety of surfaces using our experience with cigarette smoke removal.

If you’re in the McKeesport, PA, area, give us a call at (724) 834-8889 to see how we can help restore your home or property.

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Let Our Team Handle Your Water Damage Cleanup Needs in Uniontown, PA

August 26th, 2019 · No Comments

Pipes that burst, heavy rainwater, or a broken washer can lead to a deluge of water that can seem overwhelming once your home or property is damaged. It might be tempting to try and tackle some of the repairs yourself, but you’ll save a lot of time and money by reaching out to the professional and experienced water damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey in the Uniontown, PA area.


The aftereffects of a disaster or bad weather can be stressful, especially if the damage isn’t covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy.


Water damage should not be handled by yourself because water can be unsanitary and a hotbed for bacteria and disease. In general, water damage is classified into three distinct categories based on the source:


  • Category 1: This category encompasses damage from clean sources like toilet tanks or broken pipes. However, clean water can become more toxic if it’s allowed to sit for too long. Our team responds promptly to all water damage cleanup calls and works diligently to ensure all areas are dried and cleaned as swiftly as possible.
  • Category 2: Category 2 damage comes from water that is in a ‘grey zone.’ This could include water from washing machines or dishwashers that might contain certain types of chemicals. Professionals should be the only ones handling the cleanup of any water that contains chemicals because they have the tools and equipment to stay safe and make sure any residue is completely cleaned.
  • Category 3: Category 3 water damage is from water that is completely unsanitary and has a high risk of causing illness, disease, or even death. This could stem from water that was in a sewer system or from a river or lake. Previously clean water that has grown bacteria and microbes can quickly cause Category 3 damage. The ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team is highly experienced at cleaning unsanitary water and relies on truck-mounted drying equipment to ensure all contaminated water is completely removed once the water damage cleanup process commences.


Never feel like you have to weather the water damage cleanup process by yourself. Our team members are on-call 24/7/365 to respond in a professional and compassionate manner to help you restore as much as your property as possible to how things were before the bad weather or breakdown occurred that led to the water damage.


Give ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey a call immediately at (724) 834-8889 for effective water damage cleanup in and around the Uniontown, PA, area.

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Tackle Allergies with Residential Floor Cleaning in North Huntingdon, PA

August 15th, 2019 · No Comments

Ever wish you just had clean and spotless floors to come home to? ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey offers professional and effective residential floor cleaning in North Huntingdon, PA, that provides peace of mind by ensuring your home stays clean.

Floors that are a hard surface are a magnet for dirt, dust, and other pollutants. Some of these irritants can stick into the floor and be almost impossible to remove with cleaning supplies that are found at a supermarket or big box store.

As people walk on a floor, they can stir up pollutants that can make their way into a person’s mouth or nose. This can lead to health issues or problems with allergies.

Professional residential floor cleaning by the team at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey is done only with cleaning agents that are specialized and specifically tailored to remove dirt, dust, grime, germs, and odors. A clean floor means there’s less of a risk for pollutants to affect air quality.

A clean floor also gives your home a more put-together look that is attractive to visitors as well as you and your family. In a busy home environment, clean floors that match or complement the décor can have a big impact on a family’s emotions and positively influence mental health since a clean environment is one that is more welcoming and relaxing.

Our professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey are well equipped to carry out high-quality residential floor cleaning on a wide variety of floor surfaces.

After being called to your home, we carry out an evaluation of the floor to get an idea of the best course of action to make sure your floors shine and are ready to be used for a party, formal event, or everyday use.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products, and keep up with the latest cleaning technology and products in order to offer the best work during each of our jobs. From stains, smudges, greasy footprints, and stubborn adhesives, we can tackle it all on any job.

Plus, we are happy to share residential floor cleaning tips and advice so you can keep your floors clean and tidy aside from a scheduled professional cleaning.

If you are looking for professional and effective residential floor cleaning in North Huntingdon, PA, give ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey a call today at (724) 834-8889. We stand ready 24/7/365 to promptly respond to your home to carry out a thorough floor cleaning.

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