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Why Pittsburgh Needs Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning

May 19th, 2015 · No Comments

Do you find yourself constantly vacuuming the rugs and carpets in your home to make them look better or feel softer? More and more, people are finding themselves skipping a professional carpet cleaning because they think a quick clean is “good enough.” Sometimes, however, you just get so frustrated with your rugs that you want to throw them out. Excessive cleaning and scrubbing on stains can actually do more harm than good. Carpets may appear to be adequately cleaned with a quick vacuum job, but are you thinking about the long-term damage of ignoring a deep carpet cleaning?

What’s the best way to clean your floors, especially your expensive rugs and carpets? Using a professional such as ServiceMastery by Stiffey is the best and safest way to get the job done, and here’s why.

Rugs can be very delicate. Whatever material your rug may be, from wool to silk to cotton, you need to consultant a professional to determine the correct way to clean it. Each material needs to be cleaned in its own way, and carpet cleaning professionals know how to help. Our industry experts have the tools and technology to extract dirt and preserve the colors in your rugs.

Even if you home is filled with carpets and you think it’s enough to vacuum, think again. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten your carpets professionally cleaned, imagine how many times you’ve walked across your carpets, packing in more and more dirt and grime. These particles build up overtime and damage your investment. We are constantly updating our processes and technology to make sure you are hiring the most quality carpet cleaning company possible.

To learn more about our process in rug and carpet cleaning, visit our carpet cleaning page. Our experts are available to set up a one-time carpet cleaning or a reoccurring appointment to ensure a clean home or office. Contact ServiceMaster by Stiffey in Pittsburgh today!

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