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Five Signs It’s Time to Use a Professional for Carpet Cleaning Services in Uniontown, PA

January 25th, 2016 · No Comments

Are you wondering whether or not you need to use professional carpet cleaning services for your Uniontown, PA home? Maybe it’s something you’ve been considering for a while, but you keep putting if off. Today we’re going to share some clear cut signs that it may be time you give the professionals at ServiceMaster by Stiffey a call to give your carpets the tender love and care they deserve.

It’s been more than six months since you last had professional carpet cleaning done. At a minimum, you should use professional carpet cleaning services every six months. Perhaps it’s been quite some time since you’ve had carpet cleaning performed. Maybe you’ve never had it done before. In order to extract the deeply-embedded particles in your carpet and to remove the potentially harmful substances in them, it’s important to use the help of a professional.

You have tough stains that just won’t come out. You’ve tried every trick in the book. Perhaps you’ve even tried to rent a carpet cleaning machine to do it yourself, to no avail. There are some stains that are so hard to remove that professional carpet cleaning is the only answer.

 You’re noticing weird odors. Is there an odd smell wafting around your home? It may be due to the dirt, sweat, and grime that have been seeping into your carpets over time. Use professional carpet cleaning services to rid your home of those strange odors.

 Your carpet looks dingy and dull. Does your carpet look like it’s had better days? Your carpets suffer from wear and tear over time. They may lose their luster, which can lead you to believe there’s nothing you can do. Professional carpet cleaning services can bring your carpets back to life and leave them looking as good as they did when you first had them installed.

You have kids and/or pets. Your pets and kids have two things in common. They’re adorable and extremely messy. Your pets can track in dirt from your yard and shed hair on your carpets. If you’re a parent, you’re already aware of the infinite number of ways your child can damage and stain your carpets. It’s hard enough to keep up with taking care of your kids alone, why not let us take care of your carpet cleaning?

We have years of experience providing high quality carpet cleaning for Uniontown, PA homes. All of our technicians are IIRC certified and well equipped to handle your needs. If any of the above signs apply to you, contact us today at 724-834-8889.

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