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Water Damage Restoration in McKeesport, PA: Six Steps to Follow When You Suffer Water Damage

February 9th, 2016 · No Comments

Water damage can occur in your McKeesport, PA home for a number of different reasons. Ice dams, plumbing mishaps, or a faulty water heater can lead to a water damage situation that can spiral out of control if it isn’t handled the right way.

In the event of water damage in your home, follow these steps to ensure that the water damage restoration process is handled correctly:

  1. Contact your insurance company – You’ll want to notify them as soon as possible to schedule a time for them to assess the damage. When you contact them, describe the water damage in your home in as much detail as possible. Take plenty of pictures to document the damage. Depending on your insurance provider, they may or may not cover all of the damage. The more detailed information you’re able to provide the better.
  2. Receive approval – Make sure that your insurance provider has given consent for you to contact a professional water damage restoration company to provide services.
  3. Contact ServiceMaster by Stiffey – Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage restoration. There are biological elements involved with water damage that may lead to even more problems—such as mold—if left untreated for too long. Our team of certified technicians will provide a multi-step water damage restoration process that includes pre-inspection, mitigation, anti-microbial treatment, thorough drying, and a final inspection. We’ll also speak with your insurance company to ensure they know all pertinent details.
  4. Make repairs – Some temporary repairs to your home, such as boarding up your windows, may be needed.
  5. Keep damaged items – Do not throw away any of your damaged furniture or other important materials right away. Your insurance company will want to assess these items in order to put a claim together.
  6. Communicate with your insurance provider – Communicate every important detail you would like to share with them. After receiving all of the necessary information, they will assess your situation and inform you of your options. Depending on your coverage, they may cover certain expenses.

Dealing with an unfortunate water damage catastrophe will cause a stressful and difficult situation. If water damage to your McKeesport, PA home does occur, contact us immediately at 724-834-88890 and let us give you a helping hand.

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