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Spring Cleaning Has Led to a Fire! Find Fire Damage Cleanup in Greensburg, PA

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Spring has finally arrived in Greensburg, PA and with it the feverish need to clean every inch of the house. You’ve been working none stop all day. Dusting, spraying down the house, and trying to air out the house. You decided to light a few candles throughout the house to help chase away the musty winter air. Without realizing it, the wind blew a curtain into a candle and now your bedroom is on fire. You caught it in time, saving the house and most of the room. But now you’re left with the fire damage; where do you turn and what do you do? ServiceMaster by Stiffey provides professional fire damage cleanup to return your home to its pre-loss condition quickly. Here’s how we do it!

  1. Assess your property. The first step that ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey takes is to assess your property to determine the correct fire damage cleanup services needed. Our technicians can identify different types of fire damage to determine the best way of restoring your home. For example, if the fire was extinguished using water, there will be resulting water damage. Also, common byproducts of a fire are smoke damage and soot residue. If left untreated, secondary damage can occur, becoming permanent. The faster our technicians can get to work the more effectively we can restore your Greensburg, PA home.
  2. Cleaning up the fire damage. Once we’ve identified the different types of damage, we get to work restoring your property. Once the initial fire damage cleanup has been completed our technicians will also perform odor removal. It’s important to perform HVAC cleaning and odor removal to remove any lingering signs of the fire.

ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey knows how difficult it is to see your Greensburg, PA home and belongings succumb to fire. Fire damage cleanup is difficult work, but we’re here to help, so you don’t have to worry about it. For immediate assistance, contact our professionals at (724) 834-8889.

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