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The Fall Winds Blow! Carpet Cleaning in Greensburg, PA

September 24th, 2018 · No Comments

Strong winds have brought fall back to Greensburg, PA. With the winds come leaves, dust, and dying plants. The kids are back in school and back to being busy with their extracurriculars. It’s a rare Saturday when your kids are off at someone else’s house and you have time to catch up on cleaning. As you look around you notice that the added foot traffic and dust kicked up by the fall winds has started to take a toll on your carpets. Where in Greensburg, PA can you turn for carpet cleaning services? The professionals at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey are here to help. Get started by answering these questions below!


  1. What types of carpet do you need cleaned? The first step in finding the right carpet cleaning service is to determine what types of carpet you need cleaned. The type of carpet and the use of the rooms help to determine the type of carpet care you need. An office with office carpeting will require different cleaning techniques and solutions than the family living room with fluffy carpeting. It’s important to find a carpet cleaning service that can cover all your different carpet types.
  2. How often should you get your carpets cleaned? It’s important to vacuum your carpets either every week or every other week, depending on the use of the room. The more the room is used the more often it should be vacuumed. Vacuuming helps to get the surface dirt off the carpet and remove surface allergens, but vacuuming isn’t enough. About twice a year you should have your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. They have the tools and techniques to perform a deep cleaning on your Greensburg, PA carpets.
  3. Where do you turn for the best professional carpet cleaners? In Greensburg, PA ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey is the best place to turn for your residential carpet care. Our technicians have the training to identify and then remove stains that have found a home in your carpet. We will get your carpets looking like new. You will be the talk of Greensburg, PA with the best looking carpets in town.


Carpet cleaning seems easy enough and vacuuming seems like it should be enough. But the carpet in your Greensburg, PA home is your filter and helps to keep your family healthy. Let ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey help you with all your carpet cleaning services needs in the Greensburg, PA area. Call ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey at (724) 834-8889 today.

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