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A Lake in Your Cabin! Water Damage in North Huntington, PA

May 3rd, 2019 · No Comments

Summer is just around the corner, and you’re ready to start preparing for it. You head up to the family cabin to get it opened and aired out for the summer. Once you get the windows and doors open on the main level you head down to the basement to check things out. Over by the drain in the laundry area, you notice the floor is wet. You follow the water’s path to discover some serious damage. The water-soaked boxes have a layer of fuzz and there is a black coating on the wall.  Where do you turn for mold removal in North Huntington, PA? But more importantly, how do you prevent this from happening next year? The professionals at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey are here to help! Follow these steps:


  • Do a walk-through in the fall before you close everything up. In the fall when you are in the process of closing the cabin for the winter, make sure you do a walk-around to look for potential points of water entry in the foundation and siding. Not only do you want to prevent water from entering, you also want to prevent animals and other critters from coming inside. Make sure all seals around windows, doors, and vents are tight and water-proof. Keep debris away from the side of the house to make sure the ground can dry out faster, preventing water from building up.
  • If you get water inside, don’t let it set. Water damage happens quickly. Once the water finds a spot to get in, it will take the path of least resistance, quickly soaking into walls and furniture. The water extraction process needs to be done as fast as possible to reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth.
  • Call the professionals. Water damage is serious business and can result in significant complications. It all depends on the severity and the duration of the damage. We’re available 24/7/365 to begin mold removal and perform water damage restoration to restore your cabin, getting it summer ready quickly.


ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey is here for those in North Huntington, PA, with their water damage restoration needs. Our technicians know exactly what water extraction techniques will help get the water out fast without leaving any moisture behind. As spring approaches and the first thaw starts, you should consider taking a trip up to your cabin to check how the melt is affecting your property and to stay on top of any water that gets in.


If you find yourself in a position where you need mold mitigation or water damage cleanup, ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey should be your first call in North Huntington, PA. Our technicians have all the tools and techniques to get the water extraction process started quickly and use moisture detection to make sure the job has been done completely. ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey should be the one you call for all your water damage restoration services in the North Huntington, PA, at (724) 834-8889.


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