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Here’s How the Professionals Handle Cigarette Smoke Removal in McKeesport, PA

September 5th, 2019 · No Comments

The professionals at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey are the most experienced and well-equipped for tackling cigarette smoke removal in the McKeesport, PA, area.

Cigarette smoke is a sophisticated collection of thousands of compounds, some of which have been shown to cause cancer. Many others are harmful irritants that affect a person’s breathing.

Smoke inside of a home or residential property quickly spreads to every area and leaves a yellowish-brown residue that’s very difficult to remove. Paint, wallpaper, and blinds can quickly become discolored as carpets and other fabric begins to smell like smoke and tobacco.

Smoke is also able to be easily carried by a home or residential HVAC system to other rooms inside of a building, even if a smoker never set foot in the area.

The complexity and necessity for a comprehensive cleaning are two reasons why cigarette smoke removal should not be carried out without professional help. There are no over-the-counter commercial cleaning products that will eliminate the effects of cigarette smoke.

Smoke can only be removed from a building after a deep cleaning and sealing of any surfaces to prevent smoke odor from seeping back into furniture or other items.

The team at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey has a wide range of experience in house and residential deep-cleaning targeted toward removing residues from walls, floors, furniture and other surfaces.

Our cleaning process for cigarette smoke and all other residue includes a thorough examination of your property to come up with a cleaning plan.

Professional cleaning and deodorization solutions are applied to remove any of the aftereffects of cigarette smoke. Finally, our team works to ensure all surfaces are sanitized and treated to ensure odors stay away from any and all items you own.

We are careful to make sure cleaning reaches inside the inner joints of furniture and into all nooks and crannies to give customers complete satisfaction that their home or commercial property is clean and free from the effects of smoking.

Any removed personal property is carefully packed away, examined, and cleaned, and then packaged for safe return back to a customer’s hands. We try to restore any items to as close as possible to their original new condition.

If you are struggling to handle a house or commercial property filled with cigarette smoke odors, the deep cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey are ready to help. We’re here to clean residue off of a wide variety of surfaces using our experience with cigarette smoke removal.

If you’re in the McKeesport, PA, area, give us a call at (724) 834-8889 to see how we can help restore your home or property.

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