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Why the Experts Need to Take Care of Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning in Greensburg, PA

September 28th, 2019 · No Comments

Many people worry about carpet cleaning since fibers can be stubborn places from which to remove dust, dirt, liquids, and grime. Carpet damaged by flooding or burned due to a fire can be very difficult to clean and restore.

Consequently, homeowners and owners of commercial properties desire hard-surface floors, often made of tile or wood, to make the cleaning process easier.

Many would rather simply sweep up a hard floor than try and vacuum or steam clean carpet, especially after a big disaster that might have caused extensive damage to walls, windows, or even the foundation.

While the experts on ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team are adept at carrying out both carpet and hard-surface floor cleaning in Greensburg, PA, they’re known as some of the best in the area for hard-surface floor cleaning for a few reasons.

Cleaning hard surfaces can be trickier than it looks. Wood floors that are not sealed need to be treated carefully to prevent damage from cleaning products and from excess water. Also, using the wrong chemicals on a particular type of tile might not actually clean anything, especially if a hard floor has been damaged after a big disaster.

Instead of worrying about how to handle your tile, laminate, or hardwood floors—let us tackle the cleaning process and put your mind at ease. Our team members are experts at determining the finish on a hard-surface floor and then adjusting cleaning products and tactics appropriately.

We come prepared with both microfiber and steam mops to service a variety of floors. Our technicians also have experience in cleaning exotic or specialty floors, like bamboo or waxed hardwoods, that require professional service.

We have extensive knowledge about floor manufactures to ensure our cleaning process is in line with the instructions by those who installed the flooring inside a home or commercial property.

All cleaning products we use are safe and environmentally friendly because harsh solutions and cleaners can easily damage hard-surface floors and be toxic to pets that lay or eat on the floor.

The use of professional-grade products in hard-surface floor cleaning is especially important when it comes to treating laminate floors since many store-bought cleaners leave behind a residue that is sticky and difficult to remove.

Our team members have access to high-quality cleaning products that homeowners or commercial property managers aren’t not be able to find shopping in retail stores.

Team members carefully examine hard surfaces to understand what types of cleaning products and techniques would be most effective, and then they carry out the cleaning process. A typical service call consists of sweeping away dirt and dust before performing a deep clean and potentially treating flooring with acrylic or urethane if needed.

Reach out to ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey at (724) 834-8889 for high-quality and effective hard-surface floor cleaning in and around the Greensburg, PA, area.

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