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Professional Residential Floor Cleaning Can Transform Your Home

November 10th, 2019 · No Comments

Cleaning high-traffic floors can be a chore. And trying to scrub out dirt and grime by hand or with store-bought equipment can be tiring and tedious.

Professional residential floor cleaning in the Uniontown, PA, area remains the best option for homeowners interested in comprehensive cleaning that gives dirty floors a new shine.

Commercial floor cleaning has come a long way from simple cloth mops. Today, the ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey team tackles hard surface floor cleaning with automatic scrubbers and other powerful equipment that ensures a deep clean.

Here’s a few reasons why residential floor cleaning is best handled by cleaning experts equipped with powerful scrubbers and other technology.


  • Swift Drying Times: Mopping or scrubbing floors by hand can leave pools or streaks of water behind. Excess liquid can then take a long time to dry and pose a falling hazard. Professional floor scrubbers use water in an economical manner that drastically reduces drying times while still ensuring a quality clean.
  • Customized Results: Professional floor scrubbers and other cleaning equipment often come with a variety of settings that can be adapted based on the type of flooring. Some floors are more delicate than others, and certain chemicals or excess water can lead to damage that can be hard to mitigate. Professional cleaners understand how to use technology to craft custom cleaning plans that get the job done while preserving the integrity and luster of a floor.
  • Efficient Work: Commercial floor scrubbers and equipment that can be pushed by a technician lead to greater cleaning productivity, as opposed to manual cleaning. Workers who are able to clean without become fatigued can cover more ground during a cleaning session and get a job done faster—potentially saving you money. The faster your floors get clean, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your home once again and marvel at the beautiful flooring.


Floor cleaning can be a tricky business. There’s a lot of false promises out on the market, but not from us at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey.

Our crew of residential floor cleaning specialists ensures each and every job in the Uniontown, PA, area is done correctly, with no exceptions.

Our team is ready to tackle any project, from a quick home project to a comprehensive spring cleaning across an entire residence. We come prepared with the right equipment to remove any dirt, stain, dust, or grime from your floors until they shine like new once again.


Ready to make your floors look like new? Give us a call today at (724) 834-8889!

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