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Different Options for Disaster Restoration in Pittsburgh, PA

April 9th, 2020 · No Comments

Following a disaster, your first thoughts will likely be about your loved ones and making sure they’re safe and unharmed. The next consideration may be for any damage caused to your property and belongings. Professional disaster restoration is an option for homeowners and businesses in Pittsburgh, PA, who have suffered a loss during a disaster.


While there are many kinds of disasters, there are two main types of damage: fire damage and water damage.


The effects of fire damage don’t stop once the fire is out. Fires can leave behind a substance called soot. Soot is dangerous because it’s a fine powder that can be easily inhaled. Soot may also contain toxic chemicals and metals. Prolonged exposure to the toxic materials in soot can lead to respiratory issues, heart problems, and even cancer.


Disaster restoration is a good option for homeowners and businesses affected by fire damage and the soot left behind. Though cleaning soot may sound easy, it’s not, and if soot isn’t cleaned away properly, it can cause severe respiratory damage. Soot can also strain your HVAC unit as it tries to catch the remaining particles in the air. Reaching out to professionals to clean after fire damage is the best option.


Water damage can also be a big problem after a disaster. Water can cause mold, rot, and rust. Mold can become airborne, allowing it to affect those near it. People with respiratory problems are especially susceptible to mold and it may even lead to an infection. Rot and rust can lead to severe structural damage, rendering a building unsafe to use in any capacity.


Water damage is not generally something that can be safely handled by the general public. If the water damage is not properly cleaned and mitigated, the health and safety issues involved are serious.


Professional disaster restoration has many services available to help homeowners and businesses with fire and water damage, or any other problems that occur after a disaster.


For fire damage, some of the services professionals can offer include emergency pre-cleaning, thorough cleaning of all areas including walls and ceilings, deodorization, reconstruction, soot and smoke damage cleanup, and many other options to help bring the building back to its original condition.


For water damage caused by flooding, burst pipes, or other water-related issues, professional disaster restoration can offer services including inspection, water mitigation, anti-microbial treatment, drying, and monitoring throughout the entire drying process.


For the best in professional disaster restoration services in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, contact ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey at (724) 834-8889. We’re available 24/7/365 to make the difficult process of recovering from a disaster easier for you.

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