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Helpful Tips for Home Cleaning

May 15th, 2020 · No Comments

For many homeowners in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, cleaning can be a tough, time-consuming chore. Here are some helpful tips to get started with your home cleaning: remove any clutter that will be in the way of your home cleaning; dust any surfaces and ledges as well as windowsills that could collect dirt; disinfect any commonly used surfaces; and finally, vacuum and mop the floors to clean up any messes that you made while completing your home cleaning. These tips are great ways to help make home cleaning easier and quicker for any homeowner.


When cleaning, your first step is to go into each room and remove any clutter that could be laying around like shoes, magazines, or even toys. This decluttering step is a wonderful opportunity to decide whether items are worth keeping, trashing, or donating. Decluttering also allows you to access the entire surfaces you are trying to clean.


After finishing with the decluttering process, begin dusting. Remember before you start dusting to turn off all fans in your house to prevent dirt particles from flying through the air and resettling on surfaces. We recommend concentrating on the tops of furniture, handrails, picture frames, TV screens, and both the tops and undersides of shelving. If you are attempting to dust hard-to-reach places and don’t have an extendable duster, try tying a microfiber cloth to the end of your broom or mop to help you reach those tough spaces.


Once dusting is done, your focus can shift to disinfecting the different surfaces around your home. We recommend using either a disinfectant wipe or a cloth with a disinfectant spray to wipe down any surfaces. If you don‘t have a disinfectant in your home, you can make one by mixing ¼ to ½ cup of white or apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water. Some surfaces that are good to focus on for disinfecting are countertops, appliances, TV remotes, telephones, cabinets, and light switches.


The best way to finish up home cleaning is to do the floors. Start by sweeping any hard floor surfaces like wood or tile and vacuuming carpeted rooms. Next, mop the hard floors and steam clean the carpets. These tips should help you present your house in the best way possible.


Sometimes you need help getting your house ready for a party, graduation, family gathering, or everyday life activity. If you need help with your home cleaning in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, call (724) 834-8889 for ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey. We’ll help bring your house to the next level of clean or to prepare for that important social event.

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