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A Hot Summer Could Leave You Needing Water Damage Restoration

August 15th, 2021 · No Comments

We’re getting used to hotter summers and this year is no exception. The difference is when Mother Nature decides to give us a break from the heat, it usually comes with severe thunderstorms, including potentially damaging winds and torrential downpours. The latest long-range weather predictions suggest these storms are getting stronger, which also boosts the chances that any heat relief could, in turn, create a potential danger for flooding and other water troubles in Uniontown, PA, area homes and businesses. If the worst happens this summer, you’ll wish you had a friend who knows something about water damage restoration.

ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey knows that dealing with water troubles created by severe storms, broken pipes, and sewage backups are not only a huge hassle, but could become an even more costly mess if you decide to delay or avoid the problem entirely.

As one of the most powerful forces in nature, water just has a way of seeping into places where it can do a lot of damage; we’re talking leaky roofs, then walls, flooring, and even those items you really value and cannot replace. If water damage restoration steps aren’t taken immediately, all that unwanted moisture can lead to mold growth—adversely affecting the value of your property and your family’s health as people breathe air full of mold spores and risk the possibility of contracting certain allergies or asthma.

Water Damage Restoration

Your water damage restoration pros at Stiffey know you shouldn’t wait when water trouble threatens to turn your home or business a dysfunctional watery mess. We believe that early remediation, leads to better outcomes, and that is why we are ready, night or day, to help you deal with any soggy surprises.

To us, water damage restoration means helping you understand just how bad the damage is; next we help you get out all of that unwanted water, and then it’s time to apply an anti-microbial treatment. We’ll also set up a drying and dehumidification plan, and we’ll keep you informed as we get your living conditions back to normal.

Water damage restoration is a lot of work and attention, but the work is what you’d expect from the water damage restoration leader at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey in Uniontown, PA. You’d also expect us to be available with a simple phone call 24/7, and we are. We encourage you to dial our emergency services line at (724) 834-8889. Summer water damage doesn’t wait, and you shouldn’t either. At Stiffey, we’re dedicated to delivering the clean you expect and the service you deserve.


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