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Consider Residential Carpet Cleaning As Part Of Your Spring Cleaning Project In North Huntington PA

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Hopefully, all traces of winter are gone for good and you can begin to fully enjoy springtime in North Huntington, PA.

This is the time of year many families take the time for spring cleaning. Giving your home a thorough cleaning helps bring in the new season by giving your home a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Consider hiring the cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey to provide residential carpet cleaning services as part of your spring cleaning project.

Here are a few benefits of using professional residential carpet cleaning services:

It renews your carpets and adds to their lifespan – Your carpets have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime during the winter months. Whether you have pets that tracked in snow and slush, or a spill occurred at the annual Christmas party, your carpets are in need of some tender love and care. It’s advised to use residential carpet cleaning every 6-12 months. Why not make it part of your spring cleaning routine every year?

It helps keep your family healthy – Does anyone in your family have allergies? Spring is the time when people’s allergies flare-up. Removing dust and other particulates from your carpet that aggravate allergies improves the air quality in your home and creates a healthier indoor environment overall.

It adds to the value of your home – If you happen to have your house on the market, you definitely want to use residential carpet cleaning services to make your home look as appealing as possible for potential buyers.

Imagine coming home from an outing on a spring day. You just spent some quality time outside enjoying the fresh smell of spring, but when you walk into your home, the atmosphere is just as inviting!

To keep your North Huntington home springtime fresh this year, contact us at 724-834-8889.


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