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Five Reasons to Use a Professional for Smoke Damage Cleanup in Your Greensburg, PA Home

April 7th, 2016 · No Comments

If you’ve read any of our posts about any type of disaster restoration project, you know our top piece of advice is to act quickly.

If your Greensburg, PA home suffers from a fire and needs subsequent fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleanup, we think its in your best interest to contact an expert company like SerivceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey.

Here are a few reasons why it’s smart to call a professional for help:

We’ll deal with the complex chemicals – There are many complex chemical elements involved with the aftermath of a fire. You can attempt to do it yourself, but unless you know the exact precautionary measures to take, you may be putting yourself at risk.

We have the equipment and the resources – Our team uses top of the line machinery and technology to make the smoke damage cleanup process as seamless as possible.

You’ll save time – You’re likely to have several tasks to deal with after suffering from a devastating fire, why include smoke damage cleanup on that list? Our trained technicians will get the process finished as quickly as possible. It would likely take you much longer to do it on your own.

We’ll do the job right – Smoke and soot can creep into practically any area of your home. Without a trained eye and a trained skillset it will be difficult to catch all of the problem areas. Using professionals will help ensure the job is done thoroughly and correctly.

Your insurer may cover it – In this case, making the decision to hire a professional for smoke damage cleanup is a no brainer. Make sure to take full advantage of your insurance and contact us if you need help.

Suffering a fire to your Greensburg, PA home will undoubtedly be a devastating event. Let the professionals handle the recovery process so you and your family can heal and rebuild. In the event of an unfortunate disaster, contact us at 724-834-8889


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