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Here’s Some of the Many Health and Wellness Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

October 21st, 2019 · No Comments

Millions of home and business owners enjoy the beauty and functionality of carpeting in their rooms. Carpets serve as a great decorative accent and can be used to make a space cozier and safer for people prone to slipping. Homeowners who wish to maintain their carpets for the long term should consider professional carpet cleaning services in the Greensburg, PA, area.

There are a variety of benefits that carpet cleaning can provide, including:


  • Improved Health and Quality of Life: Carpets can be a hotbed of dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens inside of a home or business property. These types of particles can cause respiratory issues, trigger asthma, and lead to more serious breathing and sinus problems. Carpet cleaning removes these particles to improve health and quality of life.

    Vacuuming carpets does not eliminate a variety of contaminants. Pollutants that settle into carpets can only be removed through professional-grade carpet cleaning that can sanitize and help remove dust mites.

  • Improved Appearance of Carpet: A beautiful carpet adds to a room and can be an impressive statement piece for a home, office, or business. Professional carpet cleaning can quickly restore an old carpet to one that looks much newer and can give it a new sense of vibrancy.

    Removing stains has the added benefit of eliminating smells caused by odors in the carpet. Also, odor from pet urine is very difficult to remove from carpet fibers without the help of deep cleaning equipment in the hands of a professional cleaning crew.

  • Extended Life of Carpet: Carpets that are in the center of a lot of foot traffic, like those in hallways or living rooms, will deteriorate rapidly and look unsightly once certain areas are darker than others. Carpet cleaning helps restore “traffic lanes” and makes it easier to repair fibers and parts of a carpet that have been damaged and worn down. Cleaning high-traffic areas on carpets gives them a better chance of lasting longer, saving you or your company money in the long term.


Routine vacuuming is a useful tool in eliminating dirt and dust on the surface of carpets. However, professional carpet cleaning services in the Greensburg, PA, by the ServiceMaster Restore by Stiffey team can help extend the life of your carpets and give them a new sense of purpose.

When our team is dispatched to a carpet cleaning call, staff is careful to make an initial examination of carpets to identify dirty areas and stains.

Our team members then pre-treat areas and conduct a deep cleaning to eliminate dust, dirt, bacteria, and odors.

After a hot water rinse, the team carefully grooms the carpets so they look aesthetically pleasing as they dry. If you are looking for prompt and high-quality carpet cleaning, feel free to give our team a call at (724) 834-8889.


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