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Protect Your Valuable Items Amid Disaster Restoration with Pack Out/Content Storage

October 14th, 2019 · No Comments

When disaster strikes, all plans quickly go out the window. Large floods, a devastating fire, or even a broken pipe can cause significant amounts of damage to a building and lead to many headaches once the restoration process commences.


After a disaster, it’s important to mitigate the potential for further damage or loss of valuables by utilizing a professional pack out/content storage service in the Uniontown, PA area.


If not properly secured, personal possessions and valuables can be an attractive temptation for thieves or vandals. After a natural disaster, additional rain, winds, or other weather events can further damage a building and cause added destruction to any items that still remain inside.


Damages can quickly become expensive and cause additional stress, especially if the items are treasured family possessions or other valuable items.


Delicate items like electronics can quickly become damaged due to excess water, which can lead to large expenses. Treasured memories or important files can be lost if computer hard drives or flash drives become damaged by moisture or fire due to a disaster.


Pack out/content storage is the best option for those interested in keeping items safe throughout the restoration process.


The peace of mind that comes through knowing family heirlooms, collectibles, or other valuables are away from a property and safely secured is immeasurable, especially while working with insurance companies on securing compensation for damages.


ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey has the support and services you need during all points of the disaster recovery process. Upon arriving on scene after a call, our expert technicians quickly determine how to pack, remove, and store items in one of our secure warehouse facilities.


Each packed out item is categorized, labeled, and properly stored to ensure it returns to the original owner in the exact same condition it was before.


For items that suffered damage due to a disaster, our technicians can perform restorative procedures to recover as much of the original functionality and appearance as possible.


ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey only employs professional, well-trained team members who are experienced at carrying out pack out/content storage services in and around the Uniontown, PA area.


We’re on call 24/7/365 and ready to respond as soon as possible to help you embark on the disaster recovery process. Let us handle and store your valuable and treasured possessions while you focus on picking up the pieces after damage or property loss. Give us a call anytime at (724) 834-8889.

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