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Here’s How to Tackle Cleaning Different Types of Hardwood Floors

January 5th, 2020 · No Comments

Wood floors are a unique accent to any building. They look stylish, modern, sleek, and are very easy to clean and maintain in comparison to carpet. But don’t make the mistake that all wood floors are equal.


Different types of hardwood floors in Pittsburgh, PA, need to be cleaned in different ways since floors can be covered with various types of finishes. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when it comes to effectively cleaning various types of hardwood floors.


The most important element in cleaning wooden floors is simple. Except for polyurethane-treated floors, never use water.


Water can quickly damage a floor’s finish and even lead to large stains. You should also shy away from cleaning products, oils, waxes, or sprays that aren’t recommended by the floor’s manufacturer. These can make floors slippery and leave behind a hard-to-remove residue.


The best strategy for cleaning hardwood floors is a simple broom and dustpan. These tools easily remove dust and grime without leaving any scratches behind.


If you’re looking for a more comprehensive clean, opt for two microfiber mops to dry and damp mop floors. These types of mops are more effective than cotton or sponges and are able to be cleaned quickly. The cleaner your mops are, the cleaner your floors will be.


Some choose to use a vacuum on a hardwood floor. Just be sure to purchase one that has soft bristles and a beater bar that retracts in order to prevent your floors from becoming scratched. When cleaning corners, utilize the brush attachments to remove dirt and dust.


Staying ahead of cleaning is the best way to keep your wooden floors looking good. Try to sweep on a regular basis to remove grit and grime, and mop each week to eliminate dust. On a quarterly basis, use a wet (never a damp) mop to lightly clean the wood by following the grain. Make sure the area is completely dry before you walk on it again.


It can be tough to clean different types of hardwood floors in Pittsburgh, PA. Our experienced team at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey can help.


We understand the special care wooden floors require and will create a customized cleaning plan to ensure your floors can look like new. Give us a call today at (724) 834-8889 so we can start serving you.

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