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School Cleaning Is Vital to Help Students Learn and Grow

December 21st, 2019 · No Comments

 A clean and tidy school environment helps students stay focused and learn. Also, as image/appearance is everything with a school, an atmosphere where attention to detail and organization is prioritized will rub off on students as they work.

Many schools try to scale down on their cleaning services in order to save money. This can be a risky move because only a professional cleaning crew has enough expertise and knowledge to clean a wide variety of surfaces in a school and meticulously work to keep away germs.

If you’re considering school cleaning services in the Greensburg, PA, area, here’s a brief list of why turning to professionals, like ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey, is the right move.


  • Helps Save Money: A professional school cleaning crew is able to purchase cleaning supplies at cost—helping you save money as opposed to buying products on your own. Additionally, our cleaning teams at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey are fully vetted and highly experienced. Schools that try to search and hire their own cleaning staff run the risk of bringing on employees who might not have the best qualifications, which may mean the schools end up allocating more money for a larger cleaning crew.
  • Promotes School Safety and Eco-Consciousness: Professional school cleaning crews are experts at eliminating germs and bacteria that can make students sick. Students who are not feeling well perform worse on tests, do not easily retain learned information, and run the risk of falling behind in class if they have to stay home from school.
    Additionally, reputable cleaning teams utilize products that are eco-friendly and are free of potentially hazardous chemicals that can cause noxious odors and make it difficult for all those in the school to concentrate. Some of these professional-grade green cleaning products and chemicals might be very difficult for school administrators to purchase on their own.
  • Helps Teachers Teach Better: A clean school helps teachers just as much as students. Teachers see school as a workplace, and if their job environment is dirty and disorganized, it’s going to cause distractions for them. Teachers who are able to do their job and interact with students in a clean environment are more effective and productive.
  • Boosts Equipment Life Cycles: Cleaning services can also address areas in a school like drains and air ducts. This attention to detail can help prolong the performance of electronics and other important products that are able to work better once they are clean—saving the school money on having to replace such items.


At ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey, we’re all about helping the next generation learn and stay safe in a clean school environment.

Our experienced janitorial school cleaning teams are ready to work with schools in the Greensburg, PA, area to come up with a customized custodial plan to take care of all your cleaning needs. To learn more, feel free to give us a call at (724) 834-8889.

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