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Expert Office Cleaning Tips from the Pros

February 28th, 2020 · No Comments

Employees spend many hours during the workweek at their desk or attending meetings in the office. Across many companies, work is often carried out under a strict deadline that keeps everyone busy and can make it hard for staff to perform basic office cleaning in the Uniontown, PA, area.


A fast-paced or hectic work environment can quickly turn the cleanest of offices into a cluttered and dirty space, which can inhibit people’s working ability and cast a negative impression on clients or guests who come by to visit and do business.


Let a professional team like ServiceMaster Complete Restoration by Stiffey take care of the heavy lifting and cleaning at your business, and in between our cleaning, here’s a few office strategies to help keep your workplace clutter-free and organized.


  • Stay Ahead of Papers: Loose papers often quickly make an office seem disorganized. To stay ahead of the mountain of paper, set up a system where you can file documents and keep them organized as you go. Getting into the habit of filing or digitally scanning paperwork keeps your desk clean and makes it much easier to find important documents when you need them.
  • Invest in Cleaning Wipes: Technology accessories like your keyboard or computer mouse can be a hub for germs and dirt if you don’t keep them clean. Buying office cleaning wipes and spending a few seconds wiping down electronic devices is a great way to reduce your chances of getting sick and to keep expensive technology clean.
  • Don’t Eat at Your Desk: Many offices become dirty because employees eat at their desks, which creates food crumbs and trash that can accumulate across a workplace or office. It might be difficult, but encouraging staff members to eat lunch in a common area or away from their desk can go a long way toward keeping a clean office. If there’s no other option besides eating at your desk, a quick wipe-down with a cleaning solution and paper towel removes dirt and food residue.
  • Process and Remove Trash Regularly: Emptying trash cans in the kitchen and offices on a regular basis helps prevent issues with rats, mice, or bugs, and prevents the buildup of excessive waste. Plus, maintaining a clean office kitchen can incentivize employees to use the space more often so they can save money by not eating out during lunch.


When you want to make a strong impression on a big-time client or visitor, hire professional commercial cleaning by our team at ServiceMaster Complete Restoration By Stiffey, which will help you make your office shine like it’s new. Our crew always works with you on a customized cleaning plan before starting and is happy to arrange a weekly or monthly office cleaning in the Uniontown, PA, area. Just give us a call at (724) 834-8889 to get started.

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